Course information

Course aim

  • Highlighting the railways terms in a Nordic and European perspective with a focus on interoperability.
  • Give participants a greater understanding of different technical systems and their interactions with each other and with the rolling stock.
  • Promote the development of a network of employees within the Nordic railway administrations.

The course will include a number of excursion and other activities in the afternoons and evenings. On the opposite side there is a preliminary table of contents.

The course is aimed primarily for those who work with electrical engineering in a Nordic infrastructure department. Even person in other companies may participate in the course in case of availability.

This course requires

  • An engineering degree or equivalent
  • Minimum 2 years experience in the field
  • The opportunity to participate all four weeks

Most of the course will be held in English but some parts in a Scandinavian language, why good knowledge of mainly English is a prerequisite for participation. The course is designed in collaboration between the Trafikverket (S), Bane NOR (N), Trafikverket (Fi) and Banedanmark (DK)

The course consists of one week each in the respective countries according to the following structure:

Course time of year

    Year 1: Fall - Angelholm, Sweden
    Year 1: Fall - Korpilampi, Finland
    Year 2: Winter - Finse, Norway
    Year 2: Spring - Knudshoved, Denmark

The course includes group work to be considered at each course week why certain amount of work (preparation) is required in advance.

Registration for interest in participating in the course is early summer each year to each country's management as below.

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